Humans are a Body, Mind and Soul, or Spiritual Being; and all these parts are run by energy fields.

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We have an Integrated Energy Field often described as The Aura.
The Integrated Energy Field known as the Aura has a number of layers that not only surround us but also permeate our bodies and cells.

The different layers or fields within our Auras each have different purposes. To understand the importance of the Aura, our Mind is made up of  mainly two parts our Brain the conscious part, which in computer terms, could be described as "The Hardware" and parts of our Aura which would be equivalent of  the "Software", they both work together.  The Aura also has a memory of every thing that has ever happened to us, not just in this life. It is also  the most important part of our immune system. The correct function is vital for good health and well being. Disturbances of these Integrated Energy Fields and our Internal Energy Fields are a precursor to all disease, illness and problems with our mental and physical well being. 

We also have 7 major Internal Energy Fields often known as Chakras. 
These 7 major Internal Energy Fields control the function of all our organs and every thing else in our physical bodies. 

Diseases, illnesses, injuries, mental and physical problems are all caused in part by disturbances in energy fields. These disturbances or blocks can easily be identified or read by anyone, with the right mind set and specific training. In fact research has found that problems or disturbances, show up in the fields before any disease or other problem appears. Removing these disturbances will prevent diseases or other problems from manifesting in the physical body. Once manifested diseases, illness and other physical and mental problems will rapidly improve once the disturbances are removed and the specific disturbed fields are restored. When identified these disturbances can be healed or removed by using a systematic process called Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments that are non intrusive and does not require any physical contact.

Energy blocks also affect our performances, our inability to change behaviour and are a major contributor to the "ceilings" we seem to hit and not break through. Once removed we can move on without that invisible restraint holding us back.

Each person's Aura vibrates within their own frequency at different levels of strength and intensity. Because the Aura constantly gives off and absorbs energy, it can also be affected and reacts to other energies and frequencies. Such as another person's Aura, where exchanges of energy take place all day, with everyone you meet. It is important to understand these affects and awareness's.  Disturbances that come from external sources and not from within have nothing to do with you at all, but simply may have everything to do with the energy you have accumulated and absorbed from other sources. However these disturbances may lead to emotional and physical health problems if not corrected or restored.  Many things can upset the delicate balance of your many Energy Structures.

Energy flows constantly around and through our bodies.

Balanced Auras and Chakras bring peace and harmony.